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Who is this package for?

I have designed the Advanced Package for businesses/organisations who want to provide a fully interactive site with e-commerce and blogging capabilities. This package will give you the ability to promote your business easily via social networks and artical based sites. The Branding Deals on the right offer this package, logo creation, business styling and promotional designs etc at an all round cheaper price. I have set the contents and price of this package to give you an idea of the costs. You will be able to customise it to suit your needs, either lowering or raising the costs. 

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Unique layout - If you would not like a unique layout the price of this package will drop by £100  40 Pages - 40 website pages are included in this package. If you need less than this then the price of this package will fall further. You will also be given the option to add more should you need to.  20 Images Per Page - 20 Images per page maximum are aloud for this package. You can add more for  a small additional cost should this be needed.  20 Embedded Enquiry Form - These forms are useful as general enquiry forms or for your customers to, for example; give you feedback, apply for quotes or fill in questionnaires. When somebody submits a form to you its details will be automatically sent  immediately to your email address. Submissions are completely free,  their are no charges for this service.  30 Email Redirectors - I state unlimited email address as a standard feature of all the websites I create. These will be in the address of, for example ‘yourname@yoursite.co.uk’ as mine is ‘glyn@netxwebdesign.com’. This style looks professional but it may be more convenient for you if these messages are redirected to other email addresses.  I will programme this for up to 30 of your website email addresses. If you need me to do this for more it will come at a very low additional cost.   Facebook App Integration - I will set up a facebook app from my Facebook and add you as admin so you have full control over it. From the facebook App I can add many more plugins to your site for you. Including features such the ability for customers to like  separate content on you site, for example an item you have for sale or a video or a helpful article on your site. If you choose to add a login partition to your  site, your users will also be able to log in via the Facebook App.   In-built WordPress Blogging - WordPress has a huge presence on the internet, many websites are now built fully on a WordPress platform. It is the most advanced blogging platform and very useful for you to publish articles and promote your business/cause. I will add this as an extension to your website and mould its look to suit the style of your website. Alternatively, I will give you the option to fully place your website on its platform, at no change of cost for this package.  E-commerce Capabilities - Included in this package is online payment and product display capabilities. You can either have your entire site moulded around the e-commerce aspect, just have a small partition to sell souvenirs for example or just have it  as a convenient way for customers to pay for your services or donate to your charity.
Optional extras of the NetX Advanced website package. Advances Additional Quantities - You can add additional pages, images, forms or email redirectors; anything stated in this package.  Flash Content - Flash can bring your site to life and give it that extra professional look. Price will very depending on what you what. We can talk through any ideas that you have anytime you like.  News Sidebar - Keep your website users up to date with your latest news by adding an easily updatable news bar to your site.  Password Protected Area - This will be an area of your site that your users can log in to should you  give them access. This is very useful for e-commerce sites as you can  utilise shopping basket features.  Any other ideas you have - I have listed above the most popular additions as their are far to many to list all of them. I will add any extras you like.   Remember, after I have built your website you will have my continued full support should you want to add anything later .


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The NetX Advanced Package   

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