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I have designed the Interactive Package for businesses/organisations who want to engage with their customers via their online presence. This package will give you the ability to promote your business easily via social networks and artical based sites. The Branding Deals on the right offer this package, logo creation, business styling and promotional designs etc at an all round cheaper price. I have set the contents and price of this package to give you an idea of the costs. You will be able to customise it to suit your needs, either lowering or raising the costs. 

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Contents of the NetX Interactive Package  Unique layout - If you would not like a unique layout the price of this package will drop by £50  15 Pages - 15 website pages are included in this package. If you need less than this then the price of this package will fall further. You will also be given the option to add more should you need to.  10 Images Per Page - 10 Images per page are aloud for this package. However should you want 15  images on your homepage and only 1 on your contact page, your price will not be affected. The maximum number of images on your website though will be ‘number of webpages’ x 10. You can ad more for a small additional cost.  6 Embedded Enquiry Form - These forms are useful as general enquiry forms or for your customers to, for example; give you feedback, apply for quotes or fill in questionnaires. When somebody submits a form to you its details will be automatically sent  immediately to your email address. Submissions are completely free,  their are no charges for this service.  5 Email Redirectors - I state unlimited email address as a standard feature of all the websites I create. These will be in the address of, for example ‘yourname@yoursite.co.uk’ as mine is ‘glyn@netxwebdesign.com’. This style looks professional but it may be more convenient for you if these messages are redirected to other email addresses.  I will programme this for 5 of your website email addresses. If you want me  to do this for more it will come at a very low additional cost.  Advanced SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. It is vital that this is applied to your site in order for it to be easily searchable in search engines such as Google. Your site will be built  so that it is Google friendly. I will also pack out your site with your businesses relevant key words, putting you higher in the listings when your potential customers search for a business offering the services that you do. As well as  everything stated in the standard and starter features, I will add your site to 10 advertising websites which provide links back to you. I will also search for blogs on websites with similar content to yours and add articles to them which  will link back to your site. All aiding your SEO.  In-built Live Chat - If I am online right now you will see a floating tab at the left of this page. This is a very easy and instant way for your customers to be able to contact you. This system also gives you a pop up on your screen when somebody views your website, then you can see each page that the user is viewing. You will also have the option to invite that user to chat.  Facebook Page Integration - If you haven’t already, I will ask you to set up a facebook page from your personal facebook account for your business/organisation. Once you have done this I will  be able to set up a range of plugins from that page onto your site, like the one I  have got at the top of this page and on the left of my homepage. Another popular  plugin is the comments box where users will be able to comment on your site and  it is then duplicated onto your facebook page and on their friends walls.  Links to all Social Networks - I will embed a feature onto your site in which your users will be able to send a link for your website to any social network or blog.
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The NetX Interactive Package   

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